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Daily Flights

We have daily flights to and from: San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Isabela

The consultation of availability, blocking and reservation of spaces can be done through your preferred travel agency or directly with our sales agents in our head office and / or authorized outlets, also through our communication and marketing channels enabled.

The flights to and from Baltra are made in connection, so you should check availability in advance.

San Cristobal – Isabel

Approximate 40 Minute Flight Time


Approximate 30 Minute Flight Time

Baltra – Isabel o San Cristobal

Approximate 30 Minute Flight Time

Isabel – San Cristobal

Approximate 40 Minute Flight Time

Cash Payment Price

Services Pricing In Cash For Daily Flights Routes

Route 1 (RT1) : San Cristóbal – Baltra / Baltra – Isabela / Isabela – Baltra / Baltra – San Cristóbal
Route 2 (RT2) : San Cristóbal – Isabela / Isabela – San Cristóbal

Route 1

$165 : Foreign Passenger 

Route 2

$169 : Foreign Passenger

Route 1

$140 : National Passenger

Route 2

$145 : National Passenger

Route 1

$99 : Resident Passenger

Route 2

$96: Resident Passenger

Fly In Style

Charter/Private Flight

Route 1: $1,650 

Route 2: $1,750 

It is considered a charter flight to a private flight, which is fully adapted to your needs both in the selection of the route and in the schedule. You choose where, when and at what time to fly!

CHECK IN: A check in advance is made, but in the same way must comply with the regulatory controls required by the competent authorities.

In this case there are no baggage limits, nor do they apply surcharges for excess weight. You can carry all the luggage that the plane allows. However, it is advisable to coordinate with our sales agent to avoid problems, especially if you need to accommodate heavy loads.

When booking a private charter, our sales agent will review all aspects of your flight. This may include: Transfers to and from the airport, hotel reservations, duration, flight details and connections to and from Quito or Guayaquil, to determine the most efficient routes to meet your programming needs.

As part of our service you can request our sales agents if you need assistance during your trip to meet your information needs in the 3 destinations in which we operate.


Medical Flight

Route 1: $2,100 

Route 2: $2,250

We provide the medical transfer service through a 24-hour fast response service for both patients and their families.

The aircraft will be adequate depending on the severity of the emergency.


Cargo Flights

Immediate Delivery: $1.75  

Cargo Subject To Space Availability: $1.50 

Envelopes: $5 

We offer the opportunity to transport light and heavy cargo between the islands quickly and safely.

We can carry up to 2000 lbs. (909 kg) load per aircraft, to the destination of your choice in less than 30 minutes.


Traveler Reviews

This was such a great way to get from island to island!!! I would so much rather fly than taking the boat. I always get sick and its so bumpy I felt like I was going to fall out of the boat!
The flight is nice and easy and the view landing on the volcanic islands is incredible!!! Amazing pictures from up there!

I had the best experience with Fly Galapagos. I was upgraded to the copilot seat! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Galapagos is even more amazing when seen from the sky.
The pilot gave us a small aerial tour as we oversaw some main attractions. We even saw the Sierra Negra Volcano. This is an active volcano in the Galapagos!
Diane Anderson

The best inter island small aircraft operator in Galápagos. They have the newest aircrafts available on the Islands and departure time is reliable. A little bit more expensive than competition but totally worth it for the better service.




The maximum luggage allowed per passenger is 25 lbs. including hand luggage. The extra luggage has a cost of 1.50 USD per pound.

Night Operations

Please take into account that our flights operate only during the day.

Upon arrival in Isabela, the Municipal GAD maintains a rate of USD 10 per person, which is canceled in cash at the time of entry.
For your knowledge, Isabela Island does not have the service of bank tellers.
Methods Of Payment

Payment can be made by Paypal, bank transfer or Wester Union. To confirm a reservation you must pay at least 50% of the agreed value and the rest must be canceled 15 days before the trip.


Passengers must arrive 45 minutes before the departure of the flight at the counter of the airport for the check-in bearing their identity document. Remember that if the passenger does not arrive at the designated time, it will be considered no show and they will lose their ticket.

  • Prices are per person and for the selected route.
  • Our prices include VAT and airport taxes.
  • Children under 2 years only pay airport fees, submitting the requested documentation.
In all cases, availability inquiries, blockages and reservation of spaces can be made through your preferred travel agency or directly with our agents sales in our offices or authorized points of sale, as well as through our communication and marketing channels enabled for this purpose.

To make a reservation you must provide the following information (passenger list with names, passport numbers, age, phone, email, site where you are staying and time of your flight or tour). This will allow us to properly coordinate the routes and schedules of the flights and / or transfer if required.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of prices on the Services Page if you are paying cash.
If you pay through the site payment portal there is a 5% fee.
Flight Times
The flight from Baltra to Isabela usually departure at 12h30 but you need to be at the airport 45 minutes before for the check in.
Travel between San Cristobal, Santa Cruz & Isabela Island.

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